Wild Wednesday Wrap: An RD Survey…

Watcha’ Seein’ mister?

– Well I decided to make a survey for all of the RD fans out there… Yes I realize that I didn’t make a full “Wednesday Writing,” but nothing started with a W that could be used in place of “Survey.”

My age is:

A) 10-20

B) 30-50

C) 95-100

D) I’m really one of these, but I act either 5 or 25…

The reason I read RD is that:

A) I like the news on UK, Cincy, and other sports.

B) Wild/Wonderful/Wacky Wednesday Writings

C) Notes

D) Floats

E) A combination of C and D

I want RD to start doing:

A) More News/Posts

B) More photos of distressed/deranged/awkward RD fans

C) More photos of huge fros’ from a specific RD fan

D) More periods in sets of 3…

I usually read the Wednesday Writings/Daily Notes:

A) Exactly 5 minutes after I get up

B) During school

C) Before I go nighty night

D) On my phone, before I throw it against the wall when I don’t agree

My comment name is:

A) My full name

B) First name

C) A sneaky name that is easy to figure out (coop the whoop)

D) My father

E) A nickname that makes you dream of tater tots

My comments consist of:

A) Insightful opinions

B) Attempts to prove RD wrong

C) Spam

D) Random and outrageous links about Tyrell Pryor

E) Both C and D

When I read RD, I am usually:

A) Informed

B) Distraught

C) Trimming my afro

D) Thinking about how I once was a writer and then decided to quit

I find that the Traditional Tuesday Picks are:

A) There hasn’t been any in a while

B) Punny

C) Slanderous

D) Losing me money

When I see an RD fan of the day I think:

A) Do I know this person

B) They look funny

C) They look ridiculous

D) They look stupid

E) Hey! That’s me!

My favorite RD pun is:

A) The pool float

B) The picture of an actual back

C) The Roasted Chicken

D) The cup with the world on it

Would you tell others about RD:

A) Yes

B) No

C) My name is Bo and I would yell/scream it at people, even in a quiet private place where people are trying to enjoy themselves.

Feel free to leave your email address so that we can forward comments from a specific person, into you mailbox, these include websites and un-useful information. They may not appear in your inbox, but rather in an folder that many eventual virus’ end up… In the SPAM.

A) Sweet! I would love to leave my email address! ________________

B) I love spam

C) How about no


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