This Kids Fabulous Tuesday Notes

– This stud welcomed himself to the world the other day at the Little League World Series.  He is part of the German team that qualified for the World Series, because the team was part of an american military base in Germany, so all of the players are American.  Our little guy does not only look like a stud-muffin, but plays like on two.  After watching this mini- Albert Pujols for two innings, a label came up at the bottom spelling out HOMETOWN: Lexington, Kentucky. Yes this Hoss is from our own little city.  He has only played one game, where he had one at-bat and struck out.

– An Oregon state football player was arrested and kicked off the team after walking into a strangers house drunk and naked. When the police arrived, he got down in a 3 point lineman stance and preceded to get himself stun-gunned.  This is not a joke.

– Rajon Rondo has withdrawn from the U.S. basketball team.

– Not much else going on because the lead story on ESPN is the Cardinals vs. the Pirates.

– Also, Mike Gilchrist was taken down to 3 in Rivals new list, and 5 in scouts new list, which is amazing because he is defiantly the best player in the class by far.


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