Wesley Willis’ Weary Wednesday Works

Who is this guy?


Wesley Willis is a musician and hears demons in his head.

As the fantasy draft comes to an end, BD and I are a bit weary. Hence the name, Weary Wednesday Works. Well, on to the short but very sweet notes.

-The Reds won a crazy game in San Francisco today as they were winning by a wide margin when The Giants came back. However, the Reds came back from the Giants comeback and Joey Votto stomped on The Giants by hitting a key single to tie the game up. It ended up with the Reds winning in 12 innings.

Darrelle Revis is annoying.

– I do not like the Little League World Series. It is just Japan and Chinese Taipei every year. Also the little 12 year olds that look huge for their age because of the TV are extremely cocky and the announcers are also extremely annoying. The kids are actually like 5’3 which is way shorter than even BD. Occasionally you will get a 5’10 12 year old but whatever.

That is it for the notes today. Not much happening.


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