Sunday Night Notes and Floats

Good Ole’ Notes and Floats for the great Sunday Night…

– Here are some good ole’ notes and floats from a busy Sunday in sports..

Matt Kuchar won the Barclays Invitational this week, the first event in the fed-ex cup. Next week, the Duetche Bank Classic.

The Bengals cut WR Antonio Bryant which they just signed 4 months ago… Now they owe him 8 million dollars… Nice choice Bengals… Nice choice. Way to just waste 8 million on someone halfway decent.

– Japan won the Little League World Series over Hawaii today showing that there more than Nissan, Wii, Computers, TVS, Robots, Cameras, GPS systems, and cellular phones.

– The U.S. basketball team won easily again today over Slovenia… HUGE shocker there… Never saw that won coming from approximatively 5 and 1/10 mile away.

– With the addition of Kyle Wiltjer, UK will clearly have the best recruiting class next year.  Here’s a link…  That’s 8 5 star recruits in two years… Some would consider that solid.

– Quincy Miller is confusing everbody..Yes everbody

Final Four: Duke, UK, Syracuse, Baylor

Yea I just added Marquette to my list.

Yess I’m still considering Louisville.

Yea if I went to Kentucky that’ll be ridiculous.  Best class eva.

– At the start he had 4 teams… Now he has 6… But then Kentucky would be best class EVA… I don’t know what to say…

– That’s all Folks


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