Start of Football Frenzy Week and a UK QB and RB Preview

Look for a WHOLE LOT of these this year…

– I am going to start the 1st annual Football Frenzy Week here on your best news source, RD.  Today, UK QB and RB preview.  Previews all week, and the traditional Tuesday pick for tomorrow will be a UK football prediction along with a plethora of other football frenzy predictions.  To put the sweet watermelon on top of it all, yes watermelon, not cherry, I will have a, yes you guessed it, Friday Roast sesh on the not-beloved dirty cards. Who’s ready? Hold on to your cowboy hats because this is going to be a fun-filled fantasy of football folks week of frenzy…


Mike Hartattack is the starter for Saturday so turn on your pacemakers.  Now let’s get serious… We have depth at quarterback this year for the first time in awhile with Hartline, Newton, and Mossakowski.  Both Hartline and Newton have looked good in spring practice and they have SEC experience, so no real problems here.  I see a solid season from the quarterbacks this year, and especially in the next couple of years because of Newton and Mossakowski.  Also, Randall Cobb with run the wildcat all day, and he is unstoppable so look for a great season for the quarterbacks.


No real problems here either… Of course Derrick Locke returns, so look for a 2nd team SEC honors or 3rd team for him this year, and Donald Russel had a 76 yard TD run last year, so this will be one of our best positions.  Overall the quarterbacks and and running backs are the two best positions with the exceptions to the WR’s.  Also, Randall Cobb running in the wildcat, so Mr. Everything will dominate here too.  The words RANDALL and COBB mean “Amazing, dominant, do it all, and stud” in pig latin… True story….


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