The Wonderful Will Woods Wednesday Wide Wecievers and Wineman

– Yes Will Woods is a graduate assistant coach at UK… It took approximately 2.5 seconds for Haddon to name the graduate assistant coach at UK.  No Terrence Cody is not in the building… Today: Wide Receivers and Lineman.

Wide Recievers:

Randall Cobb Randall Cobb Randall Cobb Randall Cobb Randall Cobb Randall Cobb Randall Cobb Randall Cobb Randall Cobb Randall Cobb Randall Cobb…

Yes all of the above… The wide receivers look really good for this year because of Cobb and the junior college transfer Chris Matthews.  Cobb is automatic 1st team all SEC unless he gets injured.  Matthews is expecting a really good after showing promise last year with 5 receiving touchdowns, see below…  Aaron Boyd and La’Rod King are the best two back-ups, so really no problems here.  This is defiantly the best area this year, and we will see a lot of receiving touchdowns this year if the quarterbacks can get them the ball.

I believe I meant the wide receiver….


We have  a solid offensive line this year, but we are not very experienced… This is the only question mark in our offense, so if they do well, look for a great season on offense… Not much else to say about offensive lineman, so how bout some notes?

Ardolis Chapman, Cuban stud for the fighting Cincy Jtots, I mean Cincy Reds, had his first MLB game last night. He played one inning and was perfect while throwing 3 pitches going 103 mph.

– JR’s beloved Michigan Wolverines will be in a different division in the Big Ten/Big Twelve/Big Ten people can’t count/I’m confused than arch rival Ohio State starting 2011 when 12 teams will join the Big Ten… Wait What? Loud Sigh.

The USA basketball team beat Iran by uranium, sorry I meant bunches.

Now let’s watch some T.C. Drake and Steve “Fly Guy” Johnson…


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