Traditional Tuesday Picks Round Deux

I hope my ticket has the winning PICKS. (Just incase you didn’t catch the pun)

– I wanted my daily dose of picks today as I would like to show you my predicaments for this year’s Cats. I am not as intricate as BD so I will not include the scores, however, here are my picks. (Oh how I hope I don’t catch dat Picks Disease).

@ Louisville: W

Vs. Western Kentucky: W

Vs. Akron: W

@ Florida: L

@ Ole’ Miss: L

Vs. Auburn: W

Vs. South Carolina: L

Vs. Georgia: W

@ Mississippi State: W

Vs Charleston Southern:W

Vs Vandy: W

@ Tennessee: L

– I have the Cats going a solid 8-4. I can easily see us going 9-3, 7-5, or even 6-6. All those SEC games like Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Auburn are all toss ups and can go either way. I would wish we would be Tennessee, but I just think somehow we are going to go into Knoxville with a bunch of confidence, get scored on early, then let up the game. However, 8-4 is great and that would be awesome for UK to do that. Also, I think I caught dat Picks Disease.


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