Boise State’s Tuesday Taboo

Why is their field is blue? I don’t know FAQ guy.

– Boise State knocked off Virginia Tech which was an amazing game last night. First off, they both were wearing sweet jerseys (seen below). Boise State started it off and led 17-0 early. Then VT came back and eventually was up 27-26. Then when all thought VT was probably going to be the winner, controversy brewed. VT was stopped and punted the ball and a the returner had a great 15 yard return to get the Broncos at their own 40 yard line. The only thing that was weird was the ref threw a flag and called a block in the back which eventually got overturned? Well the block in the back was miscounted for because the guy blocked him in the side, but it really could have gone either way. That would have put Boise at about their own 15 yard line which would have changed the game completely and given momentum to Tech. After a few nice plays by Boise, they passed it and the receiver stepped out of bounds but kept on running about 2 more yards until a VT player pushed him out again. It was called a late hit which I think was stupid. The VT player that pushed him out obviously did not know he stepped out before because the ref didn’t even blow his whistle until he got pushed out. The guy stepped out of bounds barely and kept running then got pushed again and it was called a late hit to sum it up in one nutshell. Then it gave Boise the ball on VT’s 15 yard line and Boise easily scored. VT had some chances but did not convert them. What this game did was it really got me thinking Boise actually is pretty good. I think they would have a fine season if they were in the Pac-10 or the Big-12 or even the SEC. I think if in the SEC they could go a solid 9-3 or 10-2 maybe. However, they are in the WAC and play Wyoming next. They play Oregon State who is OK and will probably win and get into the Fiesta Bowl AGAIN. They are not challenged playing Nevada, Wyoming, and Idaho, but they are still good enough to be decent with the B-DAWGS (Big dogs). Therefore, I believe that college football should cut the amount of bowls they have (which means getting rid of the random ones like ‘Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl’) and instead of having only 2 teams face off for 1 bowl title, they should have a small 4 game playoff for the bowls that made the cut. This means for instance if Kentucky and Clemson were supposed to go to the Music City Bowl, that they would combine it with another bowl and grab those 2 teams i.e a Pac-10 or Big-12 team and have a small playoff for the Music City Bowl. So for the Championship if it were supposed to be Alabama vs Texas and #3 was Florida and #4 was Boise, then it would be Alabama vs Boise- Texas vs Florida…Winners advance and play for the Championship.

– I hope that made sense, but onto the small exciting notes.

– Chris ‘Mort’ Mortenson picked the BENGALS to play the Packers in the Superbowl. Hear that CVT?

-The NCAA is making its decision on Big Enes Kanter and they will try as hard as they can to get him to not play.

-Reggie Bush is going to have to give back hi Heisman Trophy. Pshh… Embarrassing..

-5 star Chane Behanan chose Louisville to play basketball at for the 2011 class. I am also picking Quincy Miller to pick UofL too. Those 2 guys will soon be hated.

-That is it for them excitin’ notes. Tune in tomorrow for a classic Wednesday Work and because BD was at a golf tourney today he might do a special Picks for the upcoming big college football and NFL games.



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