It’s NFL Night With Al Michaels America!

*Sigh* Who invited John Madden again???

– According to NBC it is Sunday Night Football.  Don’t get ahead of yourselves it is really Thursday.

– Obnoxious Louisville fans believe that they have the best recruiting class for 2011 even though they know that this hubbub is wrong, check the ranks.


– Yes it is football night in America as the Saints play the Vikings. Big game… Saints up 7-0 early 1st.  Brett Favre is back… haven’t been watching him in every opening game since he first faced off against Bart Starr and the Super Bowl ll winners, Green Bay Packers in the 60’s.

– USA basketball beat the Soviets today in the world championships advancing to the semifinals.  I really meant Russians, but again my mind was in the 60’s.

– My team Auburn is also facing off against Mississippi State tonight along with their unbelievably annoying cowbells. Since they have a non-existent fan base, they use obnoxious cowbells to display there support.  They also serve as cups, shoes, and buckles for suspenders, because they tend to leave them at the ranch.

– Rafael Nadal won today.. What a shocker..

– The Rockies stole home today to sweep the Reds, and we know JT will not be likin’ this one.

– Coming Soon by BD: Gettin’ to know the good ole’ Western Kentucky Hilltoppers.

REALLY? WHOOO invited him too????


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