College Football Saturday Recap

No JT, not a College Football Saturday kneecap, it’s a recap!

– Well, Kentucky beat up WKU yesterday pretty bad and had a pretty good game ending it 63-28.

-Michigan ended up beating Notre Dame 28-24. Denard Robinson, Michigan’s quarterback, is for real. He had 278 rush yards and about the same amount of passing yards as well.

– Ohio State ended up beating Miami(FL) 36-24. (sigh)

-Oklahoma ended up killing Florida State 47-17.

-Alabama beat Penn State 24-3. I don’t care if Mark Ingram is hurt, yeah he is good but their backup Trent Richardson is good too. So ESPN, please stop freaking out about him when Alabama can easily win all these games.

-USC slipped by Virginia 17-14 which makes JT not sleep. Although he will be talking about how they only beat UVA by 3 in an attempt to save an argument against CVT about Virginia Tech, I am not sure it will work. USC is awful this year.

-LATE: West Virginia only beat Marshall by 3 in overtime. This game was on Friday night, but really WVU?

That’s it for your recap. Check in later where BD is likely to make a post.


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