Andy Irvine’s Thursday Spectacular

Wow! What an athlete! If you would like to see more photos of Ole’ Andy, check out the galleria below..

– Today, is the oh so famous Andy Irvine’s birthday. I know your thinking, is this guy famous? Should I know who he is? Well, to answer these questions it is a no. He is not famous and you should not really know who he is unless you want to study the game of rugby and want to learn about mediocre players, then Andy Irvine is your man! Happy birthday Andy!

– Long time no post I am aware. BD is actually in Canada? I know, extremely random, but as it turns out, the Sayre Spartans are actually scrimmaging the Windsor Lancers. Sayre ended up winning 24-18 in a full length game. The points were mainly contributed by Duncan Courtney and Ben Davis(BD). No but really, nothing has really been going on AT ALL. Like literally nothing. Well I guess if you want to watch the WNBA finals..? It was the homepage of and that right there convinced me not to make a post.

-Some little news that has come up is that Reggie Bush was forced to vacate his Heisman trophy.

-A lot of people want Bruce Pearl fired, and last but not least Derek Jeter faked getting hit by a pitch so he could get on base and all of the baseball fanatics (JT..cough…cough) are FREAKING OUT about it.

That is all for your Andy Irvine spectacular, check in soon.

Oh yeah and Nadal won the U.S Open.

The Galleria of Ole’ Andy Irvine


One Response to Andy Irvine’s Thursday Spectacular

  1. Tietie007 says:

    I remember of Andy !

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