Cute Kangaroos Get “Locked”


– Well it’s me again back from the Great White North…

– UK completely obliterated Akron last night 47-10 in what was an extremely easy game for us.  It looked for awhile there that would would beat them something to ZIP… Get it? Akron Zips…. Hehehehe… Derrick Locke went haywire on the zips defense running for as he rushed for 166 yards in practically 2 quarters. Donald Russel, Raymond Sanders, and RD’s new favorite football player taking runner-up to Matt Roark, CoShik Williams all proved that our running backs will be great even with the loss of Locke next year.  Cobb caught a touchdown pass but left the game in the second quarter due to heartburn, but we all know that he wanted to go watch an actual football game in the locker room because he knew that if he kept playing, we would have gone well over 100 points.

– JR’s crew from Michigan scooted by Umass 42-37 yesterday.  Michigan is the real deal this year and DEnard Robinson is really good.  No Jack not just plain good, but REALLY good.  My crew from Auburn defeated Clemson in an extremely intense game in overtime after the center for Clemson moved the ball resulting in a false start on a kick.  Of course, Clemson misses the next kick and Auburn wins.  Cam Newton is really good.  I mean DEnard Robinson really good. I like emphasis the DE in DEnard because it is fun to say.

JT’s beloved Bengals play today against the Ravens at 1:00.  Hopefully we can get Merill Hodge and Adam Schefter in here to give us a good ole’ preview for the game.  Hopefully Peko’s hair can tackle some Ravens this afternoon, see below..

Let’s examine the Damat Peko’s hair in its wild habitat


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