Jeremy Schaap’s Slow Monday Notes

Bio Blast: Jeremy Schaap is an ESPN reporter who was infamously ripped by Bobby Knight. (Seen below).

The notes..

-Saints @ 49ers. Who you got?

-Michael Vick is raw again. He really is, but somehow after doing great and racking up 23 fantasy points against the lions, he is still backup behind Kevin Kolb. Kevin Kolb sucks.

-Darrel Revis, who was whining all summer about getting the contract he wanted hurt his hammy today and will be out for 2 weeks… C’mon Man!

-Have I mentioned that Kevin Kolb sucks yet?

– Kentucky football looks good. They are at Florida this Saturday and I am really interested to see how it turns out. My prediction based on that Florida is really not all that great this year but still good is that Florida eeks it out and beats Kentucky on a last 3 minute drive because we had a big drive and scored, took the lead with around 9 minutes left in the 4th, then made a HUGE stop that had everyone thinking UPSET, then we have a really quick 3 and out and punt it with around 3 minutes left, Florida has a good return, and then Florida has a great last minute drive and Kentucky’s defense collapses and we lose the game. It seems like this has happened oh so many times already… Hopefully, this is not what actually happens. Pick- Florida 24, Kentucky 17.

-Well, besides the baseball post-season coming up nothing has really happened except NFL. So, stay tuned for maybe another post by BD, or even a special guest appearance.


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