Traditional Tuesday Notes and Floats

Float on…

– Now on to the notes…

– The Saints beat the 49ers last night. No surprise here… Well I guess, except for the fact that Alex Smith didn’t have 8 interceptions.  The 49ers still had 5,272 turnovers in the last quarter.

– Braylon Edwards, WR for the Jets was arrested for DUI. He had a 5.272 blood alcohol level.  Wouldn’t he be dead then? Let’s ask the FAQ guy…

– Reggae Bush broke his fibula… At least it wasn’t his femur.. Does it really matter which one it was? NO.

–  The Ravens coach Jim Harbaugh was fined for making contact with a referee during the Bengals game because of a invisible roughing the passer call. He will only have to take 15,000 out of his salary.  He made more money than that during elapsed time that he bumped into the ref…

– Our favorite 2012 recruit Shabazz Muhammad was offered a scholarship by UK today. I think that it is Muhammad Shabazz. No its not. How do you know there both from the same city…

– In other recruiting news, a kid that was in 8th grade at Sayre, my school, last year is starting at St. Patrick’s with Michael Gilchrist. Dakari Johnson is the #1 recruit for 2014, and Kentucky is interested.  If only he had played on our team still….

Now some good ole’ Hall and Oates, and the best juke that I have ever seen…


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