? and the Mysterian’s Tremendous Thursday Notes


Well, again.. Nothing much going on in the sports world lately. So I thought I would bring a Saturday forecast of college football games because it is getting into the season and week 3 is where the first conference match-ups start to come up. However, first.. The short, slim notes.

– Ichiro hit his 200th hit today which means he passed a giant milestone. Ichiro has had at least 200 hits in 10 straight seasons.

– Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays hit his 50th home-run of the year. Not to mean to take anything away from the guy, but have you heard of him before this season? The typical answer would be “well, the name sounds kind of familiar?” Well a little bird in my ear is absolutely yelling steroids. No way Jose.

That really is it for the “important” news for the day so lets move on to the much anticipated Saturday Slate.

Thursday- Miami (FL) at Pitt. Prediction: Miami

Friday?- TCU at SMU. Prediction: SMU… Just Kidding… TCU will win by about 60 points because of the tough schedule they have.

Saturday- Virginia Tech at Boston College. Prediction: VT, although I do think BC might actually win.

Alabama at Arkansas. Prediction: Alabama- this is going to be a great game and Arkansas might actually win.

Stanford at Notre Dame. Prediction: Notre Dame in the kind of upset.

Kentucky at Florida. Prediction: Florida. Sorry… However, I would not be so surprised if Kentucky ends up upsetting them nasty gators.

Northern Iowa at Iowa State. Prediction: Northern Iowa- Farokmanesh will appear and throw 7 TD’s and throw for 834 yards in one game and will be the leading candidate for heisman.

Georgia at Mississippi State. Prediction: Georgia- This is going to be a tough win for them. Miss St can easily upset the B-Dawgs.

South Curlina at Auburn. Prediction: Auburn.. For BD.

Oregon State at Boise State. Prediction: Boise State. I think Boise State is going to be very good at home.

WVU at LSU. Prediction: LSU in a blowout.

Now for some classic, good ole’ ? and the Mysterians.


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