Getting to Know: The Flo-Rida Gators

Downtown Gainesville according to Wiki..

– Let’s get to know the Flo-Rida Gators.  You mean Florida? No I am a rapper and I couldn’t think of anything more original than Flo-Rida.

The University of Florida

The University of Florida was established in 1853 as a Public-Ivy League college for the state of Florida.

The City of Gainesville

Know as the largest settlement in Alchucha County, Gainesville is home to the Florida Gators.  Famous members of Gainesville include the founder Potano, along with Sitting Bear, Running Squirrel, Climbing Cat, Takatu, and Edward P. Prince.  Gainesville is on the same latitude as the southside of Houston, Texas, which has still proven to be a better place to live then Gainesville.  Popeye’s chicken is the highlight of Gainesville, and is the place to be according to the students.

Notable Alum

Erin Andrews– Is there anything to say other than Erin Andrews?

Charlie Strong– Notable loser of the governors cup and side-kick of Ricky Pitino.

Buddy Ebson–  Representing the type of person that lives in Gainesville through the character of Jed in Beverly Hillbillies.

Chris Collinsworth– Father of that kid that plays football at Highlands.  Also one of the dullest/excited announcers in the history of television.  Know to be more obvious than John Madden.

Key Players

John Brantley– A quarterback having some problems with his center in the shotgun formation.

Jeff Demps–  A running back who can run past you without you seeing anything.  He once broke CBS’ slow-mo camera because he was running so fast.

Sharrif Floyd–  He was shot by Bob Marley and Eric Clapton in his early life.  Now arrests meth users in Kissamee, Florida.

Nick Calathes– Recently realized that he was terrible in basketball so took up being a trash talking expert for the football team.  He doesn’t play, he just goes so that he can make everyone annoyed and angry.

Go Cats..


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