Traditional Tuesday Notes and Floats

Digest these floats…

– Let’s get past the floats and onto the notes, eh? Not much going on though…

– Tony Wroten has removed Kentucky from his list of schools, meaning that he will probably sign with Louisville.  He will be great to make fun of because of his indecisions and changing his mind in the following “tweets,”

Really liking louisville right now about 15 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®
Arkansas looking good in the seww wooo red.4:51 PM Sep 25th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

– Evan Longorio is asking Rays fans “Where Dey At?”  Sorry I was focused on Tony Wroten’s Tweets, I meant he is asking fans where they were the other night, as only 12,000 fans showed up.

– Tiger Woods got called out by 19 year old Rory McIllroy yesterday, giving motivation to Woods.  Not only did Tiger have more women than McIllroy’s age, but almost as many majors, so he told him to sit down and go to his freshman class.

– A Chicago Bears fan apparently spat on a Green Bay player last night. He then threw his mouthpiece at the fan.  So a spitting war eh?  Maybe they should ask Tony to join… I WAS TALKING ABOUT ACTUAL SPIT, NOT SPITTING RAPS OR UZIS, LIKE SOME U OF L FOOTBALL PLAYERS, AND TERRENCE WILLIAMS WOULD DO…

Real Quiet, the horse that was a nose away from the the triple crown in 1998, died today…

– The Magic are going to sign Dwight Howard to an extension after this season, showing that traitor Daniel Orton will probably never really play in the NBA…



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