Weezer’s Wry Wednesday Works

Can you get a little more original?

-First off, Weezer, as expected, has nothing to do with this post. Although they produce pretty good music, Weezer is a band of nerds.. who transformed into stars. As seen on both album covers. Blue was their first ever album. Red (Seen below) was their second to latest after just releasing an album called Hurley. Yes, Hurley.. That fat guy on Lost? Yep.

– On to those wry notes..

-The Reds clinched last night off of a walk-off homer by Jay Bruce. Tots is going absolutely crazy!

-Kassim Osgood of the Jacksonville Jaguars leaped out of a 2nd story window to escape a man with a gun. Apparently, he is doing just fine.

-The Ryder Cup is starting soon and BD will be on top of that because he is a gulfer.

-Tampa Bay, NY Yankees, Reds, Phillies, Twins, and the Rangers have already clinched at least a playoff birth. The only division not done yet is the NL West and the NL Wild-card. It looks like the SF Giants are going to get the NL West and the Braves look as though they are going to get the NL Wild-card.

– The Pittsburgh Pirates have successfully lost over 100 games. They are only down 32 games in the NL Central division. Look for them to make a push and get to the World Series.

Well, that’s it for the notes today. I have left you with some pictures and a nice video.

A little more creative, but still…


Is that a bear, lion, and a flying monkey that they are cuddling with?


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