Jay Marrioti’s Full Friday Notes

What a jolly feller..

– The man featured above pleaded no contest to charges of battery and assualt on his wife yesterday.  Hey, at least we don’t have to listen to another annoying ESPN analyst.

– Apparently Lebron James hour long “The Decision,” was a act of racism.  Not really sure how it was racism… I mean JJ Redick would not have gotten this decision, so I think it is opposite racism.

– The United States have the edge after the first day of the Ryder Cup. It rained, so they didn’t get it all finished, but they are winning.

– Our boy Enes Kanter has been told that he is not allowed to practice with the team till the NCAA decides if he is eligible or not.  FREE OUR ENES.

Nothing else going on, so let’s check up on the Saturday Slate:

UK vs. Mississippi– I’m going to take UK in a close game because the Ole Miss fighting Admiral Ackbar’s are not very good this year.

Auburn vs. Louisiana Monroe– Louisiana Monroe… hehehehe… That’s a good joke.  One thing I noticed, Louisiana Monroe plays every SEC team at least once every two years.

Michigan vs. Indiana– Good basketball game… Denard Robinson will run for 562 yards.

Texas vs. Oklahoma– Texas in a slight upset.

Florida vs. Alabama– Roll Tide… If they are the tide, then why do they have a elephant mascot?  Where’s the FAQ guy?

Stanford vs. Oregon– Oregon, for once they will score more points than they have uniforms, 30.


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