Tuesday’s Brief Notes and Picks

HAHA! Punny right? Get ready for some brief notes, picks, and an unexpected visit from our RD favorite, FAQ guy.

Brief notes…

Well, The Giants beat the Padres in the last game of their series to claim the NL West. Then, the Braves went on and beat the Phillies in the last game of their series as well clinching the NL Wildcard. Now what do you think the Padres are thinking after being robbed of their post-season dreams? They must be pretty ticked off if you ask me. Around July, they had the best record in baseball and then they don’t even make the playoffs. Shame… The MLB playoffs start Wednesday.

The Dolphins got flat out massacred by the Patriots last night 41-14. The Patriots scored by… rushing TD, passing TD, interception returned for a TD, field goal, returned kickoff for TD, punt block for TD. They almost scored in every way possible. The Dolphins were so embarrassed that they fired their special teams coach just because of last nights performance. Fantasy Outlook- A disappointment to me, Brandon Marshall only got 5 points and hardly even touched the ball all last night. Also, if you had the Patriot’s D/ST you got extremely lucky considering they had 31 points. Most likely, you did not have the Patriot’s D/ST because you dropped them after they collected about 3 total points in the previous 3 weeks.

LaceDarius Dunn (one of the best guards on Baylor) was suspended indefinitely following an arrest. That sucks.

BD and I know you millions of readers are eagerly waiting for our 3rd addition AW. We do not yet know if he is the right fit and it might as well just be a hoax.. Trust me, we understand.. The millions of pieces of  fan mail tells us enough already. Bo, please stop spamming.

Notice I have not used a dash-mark yet! Wait… you just did! Where did you come from FAQ guy?

Now on to those cherished picks..

#1 Alabama vs #19 South Carolina. Alabama

Kentucky vs #8 Auburn. Sorry.. Auburn. I don’t think our defense can handle the man named Cam Newton.

#9 Arizona vs Oregon State. Arizona. Since when are they #9?

#11 Arkansas vs Texas A&M. Arkansas. Random non- conference game? You used the dash-mark again.. Get out FAQ guy.

#12 LSU vs #14 Florida. LSU

#23 Florida State vs #13 Miami. THE U

USC vs #16 Stanford. Stanford. Take that Lane Kiffin.

#17 Michigan State vs #18 Michigan. Michigan. Nobody can stop Denard Robinson. The question of this game is not Michigan’s offense, it’s their very bad defense.


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