Artie the Fighting Artichoke’s Tuesday Taboo

Artie, standing next to the president of Scottsdale Community College, his home…

– Well, you guessed it, Artie the Fighting Artichoke has absolutely nothing to do with this post.

– In actual news, Brett Farve is losing his career one pic/pick at a timeOHHHH… Sounds like a Friday Roast to me… Brett how do you like your potatoes? ROASTED?? Well anyway, the Vikings lost to the Jets 29-20.  On the day that I sit Nick Folk in my fantasy league, he makes 6 field goals totaling for 28 points… Of course I lost by 6. Great… Of course Brett Farve threw a interception at the end of the game, ending it for the Vikings, and after the game, throwing pics to Jenn Sterger.

– Texas and Tampa Bay in a crucial game 5 tonight to advance to the ALCS. I might actually watch this baseball game, because it will be intense.  If the Rangers win, the Yankees advance to the World Series (JR would like this), and if the Rays win it will be a good series resulting in the Yankees possibly losing (What, as a Red Sox fan, would like to happen)

– The NFL is going to review the Calvin Johnson catch against the Bears that was highly disputed.  Why would you even go back now NFL, how about right after the game or the next week, not 4 weeks later… This play too, cost me a loss in fantasy football… I lost by 4… A touchdown by a receiver is worth 5…


– The Giants did end up winning last night sending them to the NLCS.

– In other randomness, Allen Iverson wants to join a team in Turkey… Wait, why would you want to play for a terrible team in Turkey when you could easily start for 10 teams in the NBA.  And why Turkey??

Now how about some more great mascot pics..

The Fighting Boll Weevil for Arkansas something or another..

The infamous Stanford Cardinal… Apparently a Cardinal is a tree in California

The puny Syracuse Orange…




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