Cigar Guy’s Eventful Monday Evening Notes

Can you find him?

Get ready for some eventful notes and another unexpected visit by no other than, FAQ guy.

-Cigar Guy is somehow an internet celebrity after being captured in the photo shown above. This is awesome, but it turns out that he was just pulling the look and does not actually go around dressing like that.

– Your back to the dash-marks? Please leave FAQ guy.

On to those eventful notes…

JT probably is not very happy considering his beloved Reds were swept by the Phillies and completely dominated. Wait? Doesn’t this sound familiar? Yes, it does. The Bengals and Reds always have pretty good seasons (minus this season for the Bengals, it does not look too good) and they are now making the playoffs. However, the gigantic twist is that they never win in the playoffs. This might just be a problem. I also made a post about this and I predicted the Reds to either not make the playoffs or if they make it, lose in the first round, and look what happened! RD post about The Reds and Bengals

-The Giants are leading the Braves in the playoffs 2-1. Game 4 is going on right now and the Braves are winning 2-1 through the 6th so far.

– The Rangers and the Rays are tied 2-2 in their series. The Yankees swept the Twins (of course). And as I am sure you know by now, JT’s beloved Reds were no-hit and swept at the same time. Ouch.

Now on to somewhat of a more interesting sport, college football.

Huge weekend again in College Football as #1 Alabama goes down. Ohio State had some really tough competition as they downed Indiana 38-10. Now Ohio State is the new number 1. Auburn barely beat Kentucky 38-35 as Auburn had a 7 minute fourth quarter winning drive. Gene Chizik has no skill as a coach at all. #9 Arizona was upset by Oregon State 29-27. LSU beat Florida on a game winning touchdown 33-29. Stanford slipped by USC 37-35. Miami (FL) was completely demolished by Florida State 45-17. Why does it say FL after Miami? I thought it was in Ohio? Didn’t BD go there? The door is right there FAQ guy. Please exit. Yeah, Michigan lost to Michigan State, but Denard Robinson is still amazing. The game of the week and the best overall game with a crazy ending was Boise State vs Toledo. Just kidding, it’s Toledo. Boise won 57-14. They are so good because they play the toughest teams while every other team in power conferences is actually working extremely hard to win. If Alabama was in the WAC, or even Kentucky, I am sure we would be undefeated as well. However, Boise State did impress me vs Virginia Tech. The only thing that bugs me is that they do not have to work hard to win all season then they are fully prepared for their bowl game and they end up winning because they have the whole year to prepare.

-Free Enes.

-Apparently Allen Iverson is in talks with a Turkish team to play. I am pretty sure this will not work out well. What ever happened to Stephan Marbury? That is another story FAQ guy, however I did leave you a photo below.

That is all for the notes. Hopefully, AW contributes soon, and hopefully, BD makes a post tonight about the important noticias I missed. I used spanglish for BD. Just so you know.

Oh now I remember him! That is the point FAQ guy.


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