Some Notes and Mascot Wednesday

I like it…
– The quick notes of the day are that Ole’ Miss chose not to have Admiral Ackbar as a mascot and they decided to make the Black Bear their mascot of choice. It actually is pretty cool I am not going to lie.
– Justin Bieber dissed Tom Brady’s hair in a song of his. Shut up Justin Bieber.
Now on to Mascot Wednesday… BD had some great mascots in his galleria, but check out my galleria
I wish this was their mascot
This is so corny! Get it? Okay FAQ guy.
How can you leave out Phaniac Phillie
Not surprised because of course this is in Japan. Really? At a baseball game? Why would you have a 7/11 convenient store mascot of some odd creature? C’mon Man!
And this is…?

I’m pretty sure at least one kid in Phoenix has nightmares now…
My all-time favorite. This is the one they call ‘Squatch’
Well, that is all for your Mascot Wednesday. I hope you had fun.

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