Fleetwood Mac’s Marvelous Monday News and Views


So, a lot happened since Wednesday when we made our last post so I would like to catch all you millions of people up on what has happened in the sports world.

– Well first, I went to the Lexington college fair and I talked to the Ole Miss lady about Ole Miss. Then, as I was about to leave I thought why not? So I asked her if the Admiral Ackbar phase was very popular. She said yes and made it sound somewhat awesome. I just thought that was pretty cool.

On to those marvelous real notes!

– On Saturday, many upsets took place. #1 Ohio State was killed by #18 Wisconsin, #22 Florida lost to Mississippi State, and most importantly, UK beat #10 South Carolina.

– We do not write about the NFL a lot because really there is so much depth into it, however, we watch NFL all the time and the one thing I would like to say about what has happened this past week is that the Cowboys absolutely suck. I hope they lose to the Giants next week and go 1-5. That would be awesome.

– The longest field goal ever by a girl was made at a whopping 41 yards.

– Oklahoma is extremely overrated and are now #1 in the BCS standings which either LSU or Auburn should be on top of.

– Well, not much went on besides that, that I am sure you do not know about. So.. as always, after a short post I left you with some good ole’ Fleetwood Mac.


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