The Steve Spurrier Visor’s Monday Notes

Steve, what have I told you about getting too aggressive…

– Yeah, a little late, but yes UK did block the Gamecocks this weekend.  The fake “USC” Gamecocks and their annoying visor, I mean annoying head coach Steve Spurrier took their extremely cocky fans, cocky athletics teams, and that stupid live bird that they keep on the on field, (which seems to move directions all the time when you aren’t watching) couldn’t defeat the “little” Kentucky Wildcats.  According to the “Ole’ Ball Coach,” the Georgia Bulldogs were “terrible” in 2006 because they lost to both UK and Vandy.  If I recall, the Georgia Bulldogs won a pretty big bowl game that year, and they beat you18-0.  Also, you won the HUGE Liberty Bowl over traditional college football powerhouse, the Houston Cougers, in Case Keenum’s first of many senior years.  I have a feeling that there could be a roast session on South Curilina soon. Yes, FAQ guy, I am thinking tomorrow..

– Chris Johnson, please score 8 fantasy points tonight...

Free Enes

Our boy Boogie is joining the “Free Enes” movement in a recent video by him and his teamates.

– Apparently Junior Seau drove his car off of a cliff, but somehow only had minor injuries.  Hmmm… Maybe ESPN it wasn’t a cliff, but a hill.

– Oklahoma is somehow #1 in the BCS poll, with Auburn at 5, followed by LSU at 6.  The New Mexico State Aggies dropped to 549th…. Yes, FAQ guy, there aren’t even that many teams, which is why dropping to 548th is so bad..

That’s pretty cool camo…Yeah, you beat us that one time in basketball… You are now 4-200 against in the sport…


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