Cliff Lee’s Tuesday Notes

I know JR doesn’t much like this…

– We do not usually talk about baseball much here at RD… but the Rangers and Yankees squared up like Mike Tyson (seen below, although you may not want to look if you have sensitive ears).  Other than watching Tori Hunter stand in right field with his hands across his hips, and receiving a whopping one ball the whole game, this is as interesting as it gets, the ALCS and the NLCS.  Last night Cliff Lee a.k.a. the Assassin, really went after the Yanks last night like General Lee of the Ole Miss Black Bears (wait, what? You mean Rebels? No I mean a black bear.  But a black bear shows no relevance to a rebel. I know, maybe you should ask FAQ guy) I mean the confederates.   He improved to 8-0 over the Yankees in the post-season, allowing 0 runs and 2 hits.  Yes, A-Roid I know the shoot-up sesh with C.C. Sabbathia at the beginning of the game didn’t help…

The South Carolina fan rant will come tomorrow

– Thank you Chris Johnson for scoring 2 TD’s in the second half of last night’s game.

– San Fransisco is currently beating Philly 3-0, which is muy bueno.

– Wayne Rooney wants off of Manchester United.. Looks like his annoying cockiness and grin proved too much for Man U.

– Apparently a specific shoe is helping NBA players, which is extremely weird…

– There is now a shirt for the South Carolina win.  Really… Really.. I know it was a big win, but I mean they were only #10…


And I just thought this was funny..



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