The Wonderful William Williams’ Wednesday Writings

A very interesting being…

– First of all why would you name your son William Williams?  And yes, JT, William Williams was a founding father of the United States by signing the Declaration of Independence, and he even has a religion named for him…

– First of all let me apologize, the roast will be coming tomorrow… I have been very busy lately, but tomorrow I will have to roast some live game…

– The Yanks rallied to win 7-2 today, so they are still in it… Well at least until game 7 when the master Cliff Lee will start again.  That’s when they get roasted…

– Farve will not comment on that obscene picture that Jenn Sterger uploaded to Facebook, I mean on his latest meeting with the NFL.

– Jim Calhoun says that he is not a cheater... Ok like a head basketball coach is just going to come out of nowhere and say that he is a cheater.

San Fransisco plays Philly tonight, and they have the chance to go 3-1.

Absolutely nothing else going on today, so let’s relax and listen to some good ole’ Earth, Wind, and Water… I’m pretty sure that it is Fire…. I don’t know about that FAQ guy, it sounds like we are naming different natural things in natural…WOW… Since when did Earth become a natural resource??? It is what natural resources is on.. Now let us watch some good ole’ September..


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