The World Cup Octopus Dies and Other Traditional Tuesday Notes

– Yes, indeed, the World Cup octopus died today.  Paul the Octopus was 2 1/2 years old.

– Well it seems that we have a pattern here at RD, because it seems that we make posts on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and then stop until the next Monday… Hopefully we will clean this up, and I will try to make some more posts on Thursdays, and Fridays…

– Tony Romo got injured yesterday, and he will be out 6-8 weeks… Jon Kitna is the back-up, and it seems that he couldn’t exactly get the ball to Miles Austin, while Eli Manning and Hakeem Nicks had a field day…

– Cliff Lee’s wife was apparently being harrassed by Yankees fans when they matched up in the ALCS… I think all she really had to say is… How bout you look at the score!

– A radio host in Cleveland apparently hired a witch doctor to curse Lebron James. In other news, a Kentucky basketball fan created a voodoo doll for Samardo Samuels…

– The NBA starts tonight and Keith Bogans is starting for the Bulls tonight, which is pretty big for him.

– My boys, Auburn defeated LSU over the weekend, and are now ranked #1 in the BCS standings in front of Oregon.  Auburn vs. Oregon would be a great championship, because they are two of my favorite teams. If Boise State would make it however, the millions of viewers could possibly see a Friday Roast on Boise playing tough opponents such as Louisiana Tech, and Jose Guadalupe’s Idaho Vandals…

– Blue/White game tonight a 7:30..

Also, I will start the process of re-recruiting JT to the website, possibly as an NFL blogger… My many inside sources tell me that JT has created his own NFL posts, and combining his millions with our millions of viewers would quite frankly, make a super site…  Now these rumors are currently in the Rumor Mill on NBA Live 2005, but I am in the process of validating these sources…



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