John Kitna Is the New Sheriff In Town

BioBlast- Kitna attended Central Washington University (typical opponent for Boise State). Also, he led the Barcelona Dragons to the World Bowl V and won it. Now he is somehow the starter for Dallas.


– Well, it really was a field day for Eli Manning and Hakeem Nicks while they beat out the scoreless Miles Austin and the injured Tony Romo. The Cowboys are now 1-5 and I really wonder what is going through Jerry Jones’ very small brain. Also, is it just me or does Dallas have the most outspoken owners? Mark Cuban for the Mavericks and Jerry Jones for the Cowboys.. This just leaves one man to do the duty of getting Dallas to win out. The New Sheriff in town, John Kitna!

– Another rumor in the Rumor Mill on NBA Live 2005 is that AW will soon be making a post. This is his much anticipated debut for RD.

-The Blue team crushed the White team 101-74 in the annual Blue/White scrimmage.

-Boston beat out Miami 88-80 in Lebron’s first game in a Heat jersey. Wait, they both have 81 games left.. Who really cares besides ESPN?

-Finally, on a bit of a strange note, the infamous girl who had the hiccups for 3 straight months or something like that started hanging out with the wrong crowd. Basically, last week her and some friends lured a man into a dark alley to rob him and ended up killing him. Hiccup girl is now convicted of murder.

P.S, ESPN went crazy over LeBron’s new commercial, so why can’t RD? Here it is.


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