The Wacky Wilma Withers Wednesday Writings

– Apparently this mascot is named Wilma Wilthers

– Jon Kitna is the new sheriff and he has all guns blazin’

– Yao Ming and the fighting Houston Rockets almost beat Pau, not Paul Gasol last night, losing by only 2 points.

– John Wall plays tonight…

– The 49ers are going to start Troy Smith, yes the Troy Smith that played forever ago at Ohio State… They are starting him at the game they play this weekend in London… Yes, London, England… We might have to ask FAQ guy exactly why they are playing in London, especially the 49ers.

– The Rangers and Giants play tonight… Game 1.. In the words of Brian Wilson, “Sounds epic”… See below

– Not anything else going on really, so maybe JR can clean up where I left off… Here’s a few videos to keep you busy..


WOW JJ Redick… Looks like Duke taught you a lot..



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