San Francisco Giant’s Late Monday Night Notes

That’s a mighty fine beard! Okay FAQ guy..

– The Giants beat the Rangers 3-1 in game 5 to win the World Series. Tim Lincecum was dominate and so was Cliff Lee until he gave up a three run homer. Then, of course Brian Wilson, also known for his very abnormal beard color, hair style, and creating the great slogan of Fear the Beard closed out and finished the game off.

– Kentucky beat the mighty Pikeville Bears 97-66 in a somewhat sloppy game. I was actually at this game and the thing that occurred to me and most fans was that we need Enes.

– Of course ESPN made a mistake yesterday giving the Titans Defense 1 point until today where they altered it and gave them 3 points. Great! This caused me to lose 93-92. Thanks ESPN.

– Somehow, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore caused Iowa’s basketball team to have a NCAA violation? Wait, aren’t those actors? What do they have to do with Iowa? I am just as confused FAQ guy..

– The Preseason All-Americans came out with Harrison Barnes, Kyle Singler, JaJuan Johnson, Jimmer Fredette, and Jacob Pullen. The only guy I like out of this group and think is accurate is Jacob Pullen. One, I like his first name. Two, he is really, really, really, really, really, really good. Of course a UNC and Duke player had to be thrown in the mix. Also, who is Jimmer Fredette? Has anyone else heard of him?

– That is all for today, congratulations for the Giants and all I have to say is, Free Enes. Also, since the Giants had not won the World Series since the 50’s, I thought you might want to listen to some good ole Buddy Holly, famous music artist from the 50’s.


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