Sly and the Family Stone’s Thursday Afternoon Compositions

Well, that was a mouthful. On to the notes, Herro!

– John Wall can dougie, seen below. However, Colin Cowherd decided that John Wall was “selfish” and, “not a smart guy” by doing a popular dance as an intro. Okay Colin Cowherd. Your last name is Cowheard. Go away.. Even FAQ guy does not want you here, right FAQ guy? Yeah!

– James Harrison, the Steelers linebacker was slammed another $20,000 for a hit against Drew Brees. This came after another fine of $75,000 for a helmet to helmet hit against a Browns wide receiver. After the Browns hit, he said he might even retire. Now imagine how mad he is.

– Randy Moss is now on the Titans.. Wasn’t he just on the Vikings? Yes.

– That is pretty much all for now, however, I have left you millions of RD fans with a plethora of videos, especially of Brian Wilson. Also, be sure to enjoy some good ole Sly and the Family Stone.


And of course, a great RD favorite, JT.



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