Brittney Griner’s Eventful Tuesday Wigwams

The final score to this game was 99-18. Can you say -250 sportsmanship points?
– First off, what is a wigwam and why did you use it in the title? Well FAQ guy, a wigwam is a dome-shaped hut or tent made by fastening mats, skins, or bark over a framework of poles, used by some North American Indian peoples. And the second part of your question, I have no idea. (picture seen below)
-Brittney Griner and the Fighting Baylor Bears could not hold off Uconn keeping their win streak of 80 games alive.
The two most overrated teams in college basketball, Ohio State and Florida played and Ohio State killed them. Now this just means Florida is even more overrated.
-Wow, Michael Vick.. Need I say more besides the fact that he got 49 fantasy points? What are fantasy points? Don’t worry about it FAQ guy.
– The famous Merritt’s best friend, Dan Uggla was traded to the Braves today.
-That is pretty much it for the notes today. BD might hit some stuff that I missed.
The traditional ‘wigwam’

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