Cats Cruise the Mighty Pilots

Very intimidating
  • Kentucky controlled the whole game from the very tipoff as they cruised to a victory against the Mighty Pilots. Was that a pun? Yes FAQ guy, are you mentioned in every post? I think.. Kentucky won 79-48 and improve to 2-0. Next game is in Maui at the Maui invitational in Maui, Hawaii. Catching on? Well UK is probably going to end up playing Washington in the finals and I am not too sure how Terrence Jones will react. Maybe if Enes and Jones were still Huskies, then Enes would be able to play because, you know, the NCAA probably would have never banned him in the first place. This leads me to my next note…
  • Free Enes. Please… I don’t think I can cope with Josh Harrellson a.k.a Jorts starting all year.
  • Bruce Pearl is suspended for the first 8 SEC games of the season and of course Kentucky is not playing them in the first 8 games. Well you know what I say? I say who cares? We are going to beat the team that lost to Indianapolis anyways.
  • I am really starting to get mad at these stupid college basketball rankings. Yes Florida had 5 returning starters, but they failed last year and will probably fail again this year.
  • On a fantastic positive lift your mood note, North Carolina lost to Tubby’s Golden Gophers today by 5. I absolutely hate North Carolina. They think they are the best fans ever in the world and think they show up to every game no matter what. Well I have proof from the picture below that they do not…
  • Kansas’ point guard Josh Selby, also having NCAA problems gets the common suspension to not serve that big of a penalty and sit just 9 games. NCAA, I hate you.
  • This is the most confusing note of the day, but the game tomorrow featuring Northwestern vs Illinois at Wrigley Field in Chicago will use only ONE end-zone. What? What? What? FAQ guy, just call BD or something, I really do not want to explain this into as much detail that you need. The wall is too close to one end-zone to be safe so they are using one end-zone, switching off on every turnover. The only way that the other end-zone will be used is from a turnover, punt return, or a safety. Poor Northwestern when they score it will be in the touchdown with Illinois written on it.

  • That pretty much sums it up for you. Expect to see your next post around Monday or Tuesday. You millions of fans might get lucky and get a special treat post from BD on an earlier date.


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