Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s Monday Notes

Yes! They are back! I am so excited for some more questions/answers!  FAQ guy.. ah..

  • Yes, we are back from a very long no post break. Hopefully BD comes in and is back as well.


  • As for the notes, we don’t like to point out the obvious things, just the annoying things like, how is Tennessee basketball ranked #13? Sure they beat Villanova, but lost to Indianapolis in an exhibition game. How do the coaches not include that they lost an exhibition game is my question.


  • Our believed #2 fan Didier lost his beloved JayVaughn Pinkston for the season, a freshman stud out of Villanova for academic reasons.


  • Auburn and Oregon are set at the National Title game. Also, a really tough Connecticut team that lost to Michigan and is 8-4 is SOMEHOW in the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma. This really is stupid, Oklahoma will blow them out and this game will receive absolutely zero attention.


  • By losing one game, Boise State is now in the Las Vegas Bowl. I find this very funny and I am sure JT would laugh out loud at this as well.


  • Also I have switched to bullet format because somehow when I post it takes away my spaces so.. I leave you on a cliffhanger with some good ole Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.



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