Melaine’s Wild Wednesday Writings

– Yes it has been awhile, so let us get back on track…

– Well, Melaine really doesn’t have anything to do with this post, but her song will appear in the form of a youtube video at the end of this Wild Wednesday Writing.

– Memphis and Kansas are playing tonight, and currently Kansas only leads by two… Cole Aldrich is probably playing in this game, because he is known for being that 12 year college basketball player, kind of like Kyle Singler and Case Keenum, who recently requested eligibility at Houston for his 15th year as quarterback.  Case Keenum was a Heisman candidate like 4 years ago wasn’t he??  Almost FAQ guy, Case was actually only a freshman 4 years ago, but he emerged on the scene 3 years ago, his sophomore season before injury red-shirting the next year, and this year…

– Pittsburgh fired its mustache today... I mean, Dave Wansteadt or however it is spelled today, a month before they square off against the fightin’ TC Drakes, I mean Kentucky Wildcats in the BBVA Compass-Papa Johns-Potato Bowl of Birmingham, ranked the 29th best bowl…

– Didn’t TC Drake make that one catch for us against LSU when we beat them… The answer, yes.

– Josh Mcdaniels was fired today, which means he is the third coach to be fired this month in the NFL.

– That’s pretty much all folks, and I know that you are as excited as I am for old cartoon/pokemon month, so I’m going to sign off like in Looney Toons, th-th-th-th-th That’s all folks! (Even though there is still a video below….)




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