Julieta Venegas and Slowpoke Rodriguez’s Thursday Compositions

Laugh Out Loud! FAQ guy is back as most of you can tell.
  • – Although much anticipated, Julieta Venegas and Slowpoke Rodriguez do not have anything to do with this post.
  • – Kyrie Irving might be out for the whole season due to an injury to his toe. His toe? What? Yes, his toe.
  • – I am really excited for Oregon’s jerseys for the National Championship game. They bring a lot of flare to the game! FAQ guy please..
  • – Hard hitting, fine collecting, angry James Harrison, linebacker for the Steelers has already had 4 fines for illegal hits that have totaled over 100 thousand dollars. Now he is very upset and thinks that a Ravens player fined him. I think we at RD can give him a big, C’mon Man!
  • Overrated Ohio State demolished IUPUI today, 75-64.
  • – Baseball fanatics are going nuts over Cliff Lee’s free agency. I think that Buster Olney, Sal Pal Antonio, and Carl Ravage need to settle down.
  • -That is pretty much all for today’s notes. I knew you millions of fans could not wait to hear what Julieta Venegas has to do with this post. Well, you get to listen to her! Here is some good ole Julieta Venegas!

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