The Ying Yang Twins Tuesday Taboo

There just the Ying and the Yang, although the Yang on the right looks like a strange gorilla or monkey…

– Anything new? The Ying Yang Twins don’t have anything to do with this post…

– Well UK tore apart #25 and his teammates at Indiana this weekend.  #25 recorded a stiff arm, and 2 tackles resulting in 3 personal fouls, and almost a technical.  JORTS is the man, and we actually saw him shoot two of his 6 total free throws in his career at UK.  He is now 5-6 in 3 years at the school… You could also say that there was more white on Indiana’s bench than there was in Lexington yesterday…

Randall Cobb was named first team all-american by both the AP and Sports Illustrated.

– Apparently the Ying Yang Twins are “paid.”  We are currently searching who is making them “paid,” yes, not rich, “paid.”  It is probably coming from their father Cecil Yang, cousin of Cecil Newton…

– Apparently the Vikings could play the Bears in Tubby’s dome at Minnesota, but it doesn’t really matter, because they are playing the Bears.  Expect Brett Farve to start to keep his consecutive start streak at 1 game.

– Jay Feeley had 28 fantasy points yesterday because he made 5 field goals and ran for a touchdown. He totaled the first 22 points for the Cardinals.  He later went off on a tirade after an offensive lineman told him a joke, making him laugh on the sideline like Derek Anderson.

– The Free Enes movement is looking better…

– Now since the Ying Yang Twins are terrible, some Steve Miller Band…



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