Droopy’s Back on Track Monday Opus

Are ya feeling a bit down today? Well Droopy and I are here to cheer you up with a post!

-Droopy really has nothing to do with this post, seriously.

– Long time no post. This is due to of course the holidays because the holidays mean a good ole break.

– Well the Seattle Ospreys beat the Rams 16-6 completing the season with a solid 7-9 loosing record and earning a trip to the playoffs and a home game against the Saints in the first round. The funny thing about this is that the Buccaneers and the Giants ended  with a 10-6 record and did not make the playoffs. Oh well.

– Tonight is of course the Kentucky vs Penn game and also the Stanford vs Virginia Tech game, a much less entertaining game. My prediction is that Stanford wins big and their coach, Jim Harbaugh leaves and goes to Michigan once Rich Rod is fired because of his terrible 3 years. Michigan lost to Mississippi State 52-14. That is beyond awful. Oh, but they made it to a New Years Bowl! FAQ guy, it is the Gator bowl, a very unimportant bowl that is made popular by putting it on January 1st. That does not explain either teams ‘good season’ as Mississippi St was 8-4 while Michigan was 7-5 although the BCS decided that UConn was deserving of going to the Fiesta Bowl at 7-5.. Michigan even beat UConn..

– 5,000 blackbirds decided to fall from the sky and perish in the middle of Arkansas.

-100,000 ‘drum’ fish washed up on the shore of the Arkansas River in the middle of Arkansas.

Wait a second… are you trying to pull a fast one on me? That doesn’t relate to what we are discussing at all! FAQ guy please..

– That is it for the notes today, as I will leave you millions of viewers to listen to some good ole Toad the Wet Sprocket.



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