“Wonderful” Wally Walker’s Witty Wednesday Writes

UPDATE: Although he said it, a picture has been updated. Enjoy..

-First, no picture for you today, my computer will not load the upload screen, so you dedicated viewers just won’t get your picture…. There I said it.

– Bio Blast- Wally Walker was a professional american basketball player in the 70’s. Drafted out of JT’s homeboys, Virginia, the Trailblazers drafted him fifth overall in the 1975 draft.  Also, if you were interested, “wonderful” is actually in Wally’s nickname, so it flows nicely with the Wednesday Writes.  Last, he was the worst 5th overall pick to ever win 2 championship rings, averaging 5 points and 6.2 minutes during his career.

– Well UK destroyed Quakerville, Pennsylvania after a slow start last night, down 10 before halftime.  JORTS is the absolute man, and he is by far my favorite player on the team… Also, now he is starting to shoot more free throws in college, which is good because he only had 4 total attempts to start the year.

– JR’s Michigan Wolverines fired Rich Rodriguez today, ending a stint that has all Michigan fans ‘smh-ing’.   Richie did a great job at West Virginia, but couldn’t get in right up north.  On the other hand, Gene Chizik, coach of my team went 3-1,000 at Iowa State, but he somehow ends up having a good team. SMH

– Oh looky there, who would have guessed it, Duke is playing the best team in the land, UAB at home. Of course…. of course…. Let’s make a big deal of it ESPN…. Duke is playing UAB ESPN, it’s not like they are playing someone good non-conference for a change… Also, when was the last Duke game non-conference that you have seen played on the road.  Not a neutral environment, but a true away game.  That’s right… never. Duke played a total of 10 true away games before the NCAA tournament last year.  FACT.  Also, they seem to always play the first two rounds of the tournament in Greensboro, which is pretty much another home game.

– The 49ers and John Harbaugh are going to talk about the open coaching position there.  I mean really, its not like the 1980 gold diggers are going to turn it around anytime soon.  The Bengals also resigned Marvin Lewis, which truly shocked me.

– Last, the SEC really, and not just really, but REALLY REALLY sucks at basketball. Other the UK, UT, and maybe Florida, the league is absolutely terrible. UT, the 3rd best in the league has losses to College of Charleston and Oakland, and Florida lost to UCF.  My team Auburn, is ranked 236th in the RPI out of 245 schools.  They are one spot behind New Jersey Institute for Technology, the team that lost 70 something games in a row 2 years ago. FACT, the SEC is terrible in basketball.

– That’s all for now, I will be back tommuuuurow millions of viewers, for some more of Wonderful Wally Walker’s Witty Wednesday Writes.


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