BCS National Championship’s Monday Notes

The Oregon Duck was carrying a shake weight pre-game.  He’s just getting his punch on, like what he did to the Washington State Mascot…

– It is almost gametime in Glendale, so why not a few BCS National Championship Monday Notes.

– Of course my team, Auburn is playing against the Oregon Ducks, in the National Championship.  One question… Why are all of the BCS games on ESPN this year?  I’m sorry ESPN but I don’t really want to listen to Burnt Cheesburger (Brent Mussberger) and Kirk Herbstreit.  Actually I am really not looking forward to it.

– It was a weekend of upsets as UK basketball lost to Georgia, Seahawks beat the Saints, Jets beat the Colts, and Packers beat Eagles.  Also UK football just got flat out killed by Pitt in the BBVA Louis and Clark before GPS bowl game.  That game makes you really wish that Mike Hartline didn’t hit that one girl.

– Now of course a big story is Oregon’s uniforms.  Looking at them right now, they are slightly disappointing, but that’s not to say that their socks/shoes aren’t slightly blinding. The shoe/sock combination is burning my cornea’s at 210 degrees, but other than that they are pretty plain.  Good thing I don’t have a 3D TV because those socks would burn a hole in my wall.

– Lionel Messi was named FIFA player of the year, in our first soccer mention since the World Cup.

– Les Miles is looking to talk with JR’s Michigan.

– Apparently Marshawn Lynch’s TD run vs the Saints literrally shook Qwest Stadium.  It caused the ground to shake, and many of the seats to shake, sending drinks and food flying off of the bleacher seats.

– Boise State’s coach is staying there also.

Now that Marshawn Lynch run…


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