Brady Hoke’s Wednesday Compositions

Who’s eating grass now?

– Brady Hoke is the new head man at Michigan after Les Miles decided to eat some more grass and stay at LSU.

– A slightly overrated team, Pitt is giving another slightly overrated team, Georgetown a good ole fashioned spanking.

– Jared (I got elbowed in the face by Demarcus Cousins) Swopshire of the dirty Cards is out for most likely the whole season because he has to have surgery on his groin. Many funny jokes could be made because of this..

– Thank the Lord that Denard Shoelace Robinson is still staying at Michigan, or I would be extremely upset. Also, Terrible Tate Forcier left Michigan, but nobody really cares because he is terrible.

– The Lebron-less Cavaliers lost to the Lakers 57-112.. 57 points.. in an NBA game.. Not trying to pull a John Madden here but this totally shows how mad Cleveland probably is. Their record is 8-30.. Ouch. Even FAQ guy knows that is beyond awful. What? Actually maybe not but you get the point.

Well, that pretty much sums it up for today.


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