Prairie View Panther’s Tuesday News and Views

Just your regular Panther…

– Good ole’ Prairie View lost to Jackson State ending their cinderella run for JR in the college basketball challenge.

– Kentucky up on ole’ Alabama 12-6 right now… Alabama fans are trying to do some t-shirt formation, and it really isn’t working, but it’s ok they only paid two dimes to get in the game, and a nickel at the soda fountain at the concessions.  Yes, we are livin’ in the 50’s right now…

– Well the Steelers, Packers, Jets, and Bears all moved on in the NFL playoffs, ending promising runs of Roddy Black and Joe Flacco.  Why is Joe Flacco in there. Well i don’t know really, he isn’t that good, and he really didn’t have a promising run, but oh well.  Can we get FAQ guy to do the history of the teams, and the NFL playoffs… I think yes, this week, and I think yes to that long lost dream of South Carolina Rant.  You will see many words of camo, sandstorm, and gamecocks references most likely Thursday, but maybe tomorrow, ye never know what ye gonna get. 😉

No reason for the winky face.

– 15-13 in the game right now, and let’s go the segment we like to call “Why is Alabama’s Mascot a Elephant?

They were once dubbed (VOCAB WORD) the red elephants because of the size of the players on their football team, and it stuck.  One of the worst and most mascots of all time.  Sammy the Banana Slug from Scottsdale Community College begs to differ.

Now just your traditional USC fans… By USC, South Carolina, not the good USC…


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