The Dawg Pound’s Wry Wednesday Publications

What in the world is that? It is a Cleveland Brown in the Dawg Pound! ROOF ROOF ROOF

– Well first off, the game last night was terrible. Kentucky was so close to winning a game that was out of reach for a while, but failed to win at the final noise that scares little girls who are at basketball games with their dad’s who also do not know what basketball is. However, you probably know that by now. The thing you might not know is that Calipari was caught on national TV shouting a bad, bad word at Terrence Ican’tpasstheball Jones. Of course, the media made a big deal out of this but it will most likely die down in the next 24 hours. Also, there are the Kentucky fans that think we are done for and terrible. Yes, it might not be as good as last year but couldn’t you predict that? We don’t have a solid big man and do not even get me started on Eloy Iamtheworstcenterintheworld Vargas. Yes I know we have Jorts but still he is not good enough as the other big guys in the SEC. What about Terrence Jones? Yes, we do have him but he is not a center FAQ guy. He can play that position but who we really need is an RD favorite, Enes. Free Enes.. But I guess we can’t really say that anymore though, stupid NCAA..

– Anyways, here are my Superbowl predictions. Packers vs Steelers, Packers win. I am still very unsure of this though but I know I am going for the Packers and the Jets this weekend.

BD’s own Nick Fairley is projected to be the top pick of the 2011 NFL draft.

– Michigan also hired the Baltimore Raven’s defensive coordinator to the same position at Michigan. This is awesome.

– Apparently, you have to pay $200 to stand outside of the Cowboys Stadium for the Superbowl this year. I do not think you can even see the game from out there, like really, what is the point of that?

– Well, not much else going on except San Diego State is somehow #6 in the nation after defeating the toughest of opponents. Besides Gonzaga, they have beaten California (who sucks), UNLV (okay), St Mary’s (alright), and best of all IUPUI.. twice? Well, they would probably have a solid 5 or 6 loss team if they played in a power conference.

– Well that’s all for now, if you millions of RD fans want to leave who you think will win the Superbowl in the comments section, go for it 😉

What’s that? What’s what? That semi-colon and half of a parenthesis? Bye FAQ guy.



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