Chief Kickingstallionsims Tacky Tuesday Taboo

I still can’t get over this name…

– Yes,Chief Kickingstallionsims is a real name, in fact, it is the name of a Alabama State basketball player.. Oh what a name…

– Georgia and Florida just went into an intense 2OT game in Athens, and Florida ended up winning by like 10, but still a great game.  Most fans left early, not because the hometown team was down 10 with under a minute, but the olympics were coming to town… Sorry wrong Athens… I’m even more sorry because of that “tacky” joke.

– Seton Hall destroyed the fighting Orange tonight by 23 points… Big surprise there, but why is their mascot the orange… I mean really…. Almost as bad as the Stanford Cardinal.. Not Cardinals. Cardinal. By the way, the mascot is a tree.  A smiling tree. Ok I think you get the point…

– According to JT’s Cincy rumor mill network… Chad Ochocinco is changing his name back to Johnson.  First he broke the news that Carson Palmer wanted a trade.  He also broke the rumor that the Warriors were looking at Darko Millic in NBA 06.

– Speaking of Darko, I just have to bring up how big of a bust Kwame Brown was… He was the #1 pick and he is absolutely terrible.

– Those dirty Cards lost to Providence the other day, meaning that poor Providence finally got a win that they deserved.  Last year Providence lost on an NCAA record 9 buzzer beaters.  Poor Providence… Poor Poor Friars.

– Thats all for me, but look for a JR youtube post later. Catcha later alligator.

– One last tacky joke… Spring is sprung.. fall is fell… winter is here and its colder than it usually is… Gotcha! Not what you thought I was going to say for winter ehh?


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