The Suns’ Gorilla’s Heartbreaking Tuesday Taboo

Why is a gorilla their mascot?

– As usual, the Phoenix Sun’s creepy gorilla has nothing to do with this post. Also, unfortunately, FAQ guy will not be here tonight.

It hurts. Kentucky lost to Ole Miss by 2 tonight on a last second three by Devin Downy reincarnation, Chris Warren. It looks like we had lost the game way before that, but Brandon Knight came back scoring 8 straight points for Kentucky and we had the lead by 1 with 10 seconds left. Liggins actually plays great D like always and locks Warren up and Warren chucked up a three and of course due to Kentucky’s luck, drilled it. Just another depressing road loss. I think this team will either catch fire in the NCAA tourney and make it to the final four, or just suck and get upset in the second or first round.

There is always next year though. This is what it is looking like. Seniors Miller, Liggins, no real key juniors because they all went to the NBA except good ole Johnny Boy Hood, assuming Knight and Lamb stay and Jones goes, solid sophomores, and a great freshman class with Davis, Gilchrist, Teague, and Wiltjer. Then we have Poole still there and the random guys I am missing and sadly, Eloy Vargas will probably still be on the team.. Smh..

– Besides Kentucky getting upset, Purdue went down to Wisconsin. Florida and Vandy are in a pretty close, important game too.

– In unimportant news, Tom Brady won offensive player of the year and the Cleveland Cavaliers have lost 21 straight games.

Well, to soothe in the loss and not take as much harm, here is a Total Eclipse of the Heart.


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