Wild Wendy Williams Wednesday Walkers

Got you! You thought this was going to be a picture of Wendy Williams didn’t you!

– It’s National Signing Day.  Tune into ESPNU for 5,172 1/2 hours of continuous coverage with Lowell Galindo!

– Well it is National Signing Day, and UK had a pretty good recruiting class… As long as we got Bubba Tandy, I’m satisfied. My Auburn Tigers have the #2 class on ESPN.

– JR is right yesterday sucked.  Chris Warren is the new Devon Downey.

– Keep your eyes open at night because the Phoenix Suns creepy gorilla might pop out from behind the bushes and surprise you..

– The Syracuse Orange are currently beating Georgetown, and ESPN’s headline is “Feeling Squeezed.” HAHAHA… just kidding… I would have to Nebraska and get a few stalks to get much “cornier” than that.  Might as well go to Wisconsin too because it’s pretty cheesy…

– Lowell Galindo probably is one of my most despised television hosts. First off, he looks like he just graduated from middle school, and dresses as if he attends a boarding school in the northeast United States.  I’m sorry Lowell, but I’m getting a little tired of turning on the TV and seeing your sweater and tie every time I flip to ESPNU.  I really don’t care about your Signing Day Special, and I’m pretty sure no one really does.  Go back to your dorm Lowell..

– Andre Woodson is back on the UK coaching staff as a student coach..

Now some assorted pics… Yes, assorted pics, not candies, birthday cards, jelly beans, gems, or moist towelettes… Wait what? Moist towelettes!

That’s Lowell for ya!

It’s Wendy Williams! Check her out on BET at midnight on weeknights! Right after Monique!

Snuck in an extra Walker for ya! Walker Texas Ranger! Stay tuned for a picture of Ricky Bobby’s son Walker Texas Ranger next week! So long! Good Riddance’s!


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