Tommy Tutone’s Traditional Tuesday Taboo and Picks

– Well here we go… JR is going to cover the regular notes and I will do some good ole’ picks…

– First before all of the notes, I am going to have a little mini roast on Bob Knight. Now we have talked about Bob Knight before on here, but I was reminded of his awful announcing and his old school attitude.  First, he is almost as obvious as John Madden.  He is supposed to be the color commentator, not the play by play which means Bob you do not need to cover every dribble and score during the game.  Also, he fails to realize that this is 2011, not 1957, and the game of basketball has changed.  Last knight, (sorry I meant the real way to spell “night,”) a Kansas State player gave up a wide open three and proceeded to drive into the lane and get blocked by the Kansas player.  Bob Knight then shows to emotion to the play, and uses his monotone voice to say that the play was a play that “All coaches and parents should teach their kids,” because “He passed up the three to get a better look.”  Oh ya, that’s right Bob, pass up on the open shot and take the contested one.  Yeah! That makes a ton of sense!  Sorry Bob but this is 2011, and there is something called the three point line, you don’t have to make the perfectly formed layup every time.  He also got mad at a Kansas State player for trying to dunk.  He got fouled, but Bob responded with one of his “He should have taken the layup, not the fancy play.”  The dunk is the most high percentage shot in basketball, but Bob would rather go with the “1945 layup.”  At the end of the game, Kansas State is up by 20 points with 1:42 left in the game.  The reserves for Kansas State started to come in, and Bobby couldn’t believe it! He said that since Kansas State was only up 22 with 1:42 left Kansas was still in the game.  Sorry Bob, but when was the last time that a team came back 22 points in 1:42?  I can’t stand you Bob… #SMH

– Shaking my head for those that don’t know… Now the picks..

– I will pick Kentucky over South Carolina on Saturday and at least 17 times that Terrence Jones will take his mouthguard out and chew on it..

– Carmelo will get traded to the Raptors… Just kidding, that’s really random, but he will get traded to the Knicks…

Georgia will beat Vandy tomorrow…

San Diego State will be undefeated by next week…

– And for my random pick of the week, Magic Johnson will be a judge for the Dunk Contest at the NBA All-Star game…

– Looking for something to cheer you up after listening to Bob Knight? Take a listen..

Typical Bob



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