Frankie Valli’s Thursday News and Views

Now that’s one good view of the NYC!

– What does Frankie Valli have to do with this?  You already know that answer.

-An Alabama fan was charged for poisoning the famous trees at Auburn’s Toomer’s Corner.  He called into a radio show saying that he poisoned the trees that are known for having toilet paper strung on them after victories.  I guess you could call that normal behavior for southern Alabamians or whatever they are called.

– Albert Pujols arrived at spring training today, like anyone cares.  Why would I care that Fat Albert arrived at the Cardinals spring training? Can I get a HEY HEY HEY It’s FAT ALBERT!?!?!? NO FAQ guy NO.

– The White Sox Mark Buerhle is looking to start a dogfight with Michael Vick because of his dogfighting charge.  Mark wished that Michael Vick had gotten hurt this year because the “last time he checked dogfighting was not a sport.”  He came out today in an interview that he “meant” his comments, and was not going to apologize…

– A Iowa high school wrestler forfeited his state match today because it was a against a girl.  He said that he would never wrestler against a girl, and felt that it would not be the right thing to do.

– Tim Duncan is going to replace Yao Ming as a starter in the all-star game because of Yao’s latest injury.  Yao played a total of 10 games this season before he got injured yet again, but continued to be voted as a starter in the all-star game.  This is the 3rd straight season that Yao has been injured and the 3rd straight year that he was selected as a starter to the all-star game.  I feel bad for him, but he is just like Greg Oden.  They are just waking down the steps on their front porch, and all of a sudden, there acl tears.  These two guys can’t avoid injuries especially leg/knee injuries.  It seems that Greg Oden’s knee explodes every year, and Yao’s long legs burst every 6 months.

– That’s about all, so here is some Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons along with their “groovy’ and “rockin'” dance moves.




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