Shawn ‘Flimsy’ Bradley’s Tuesday Taboo

I’m pretty sure those ‘flimsy’ legs and knees have gone through multiple ACL tears.

– As expected, Shawn Bradley has nothing to do with this post, however, here is a good, old fashioned Bio Blast on him anyways. Shawn Bradley is 7,6 and is most known for being a softy and getting posterized by Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady (what ever happened to him?) and countless others.

– Well as you might know already, Carmelo Anthony is now a Knick. The Nuggets will have to start one of those long 3 seasons of not making the playoffs and sucking until they get a star and can be good again. This also downs the Nuggets reputation as the most thug team in the NBA. With the loss of Anthony, they just aren’t the same.

– Jim Calhoun, Uconn head coach, was drilled with a whopping three game long Big East suspension for recruiting violations. You wonder what John Calipari would be struck with if he committed any violations. All the media would be questioning his integrity and would have Kentucky fans in a annoying daze. That’s the NCAA for you.

– In less, really unimportant, I don’t actually care at all news, the Saints dropped TE Shockey and his patriotic tattoos. (below)

– Also, the Carolina Panthers placed a franchise tag on their center. Really?

Well that is all for tonight’s notes and look for Kentucky to beat Ar-Kansas tomorrow as well. FAQ guy says hello to all.


Here is the usual Shawn ‘flimsy’ Bradley




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